Dieting irony

So for the past 5 weeks I have been doing the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation. It is one of only two forays into the world of dieting, and I have been finding it quite interesting.

I thought it was time to get myself into shape after my 6 month stint in Europe during which I made it my mission to sample every delicious food I came across – especially if I hadn’t had it before. Something that, while delicious, is not so kind to the waistline or your health in general. Especially in countries like Ireland, the UK and Germany, where potatoes and bread are staples of your diet.  Which is definitely my idea of the best food, but perhaps not my body’s…

So anyway, that has been what I have been up to in terms of food for the last five weeks – counting my calories, trying to eat lots of fresh nutritious food etc.  EXCEPT that coincidentally in the past 3 weeks I have suddenly become greatly inspired to bake.  This is where the irony starts.  Although I suppose this part is more inconvenient that ironic.

It started with the realisation that I had to make a birthday cake in a few days for a friend.  I went onto Pintrest to get some ideas, and came across this lovely ombre cake which of course I then had to try and make myself! (see My Mouthwatering Mauve Monstrosity ).  From there my flatmate very kindly linked me to the Nerdy Nummies videos on Rosanna Pansino’s Youtube channel, which of course fueled both my baking inspiration and also my inner nerd!  So initially it was more cake decorating than baking in general.  But then I started finding some other blogs mainly through Pintrest, such as Raspberri Cupcakes whose delicious looking goodies led me to the conclusion that I had to try macarons. (Which I did recently try and will write about in my next post!).

Then last weekend I had my cousin’s hen’s party, part of which was a cooking class.  That was great fun, and we learnt to do a full meal (appetiser, main and dessert).  Inspired me a little more in the area of general cooking, although I think baking will always win out of the two!  But it also prompted my epiphany/realisation/lightning bolt moment – namely, I think that dieting has made me appreciate food more.  Which may not actually be that ironic, but I found it to be so.  I think because in my mind I thought that dieting would make you realise food isn’t actually that great and is more about fueling your body the right way, rather than only eating stuff you enjoy.  But in reality, it has made me really appreciate the flavours and feel of the foods I love (and even some that I didn’t use to love) because rather than just eating it like food I always have, I eat it like I don’t know when I will have it again.  Which makes me pay attention to it and more determined to make it better – something which requires practice, that isn’t conducive to only eating it occasionally!

Needless to say, my dieting efforts have been a little up and down lately – largely due to my new obsession with baking, but also due to the amount of events I’ve had during the past five weeks that have hinged upon eating lots of yummy food!  But regardless of how much it does for me weight wise, I remain glad I have done it simply for the ironic reason that it has made me think about and therefore appreciate my food a lot more!


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